Graphic Designer

Job Description:

Develop web and print design package including:
– Mailchimp.com template for portfolio mailings
– Mailchimp.com template for news and updates
– DM 5×7 or 6×8 postcard featuring photography, editable template
– photography services leave behind, probably a tri-fold or sales sheet
– corporate portraiture sales piece,Job Description:

We are looking for a talented Graphic Designer who will be responsible for creating compelling and innovative visual design solutions. Here’s what you need to know.

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Commercial Photography Internships

Brett Gilmour Photography offers unpaid internships to individuals who express a vested interest and passion for the commercial and advertising photography. A passion to professionally pursue photography, communications or advertising is essential. While working at Gilmour Photography, interns will gain direct exposure to all aspects of the commercial photography industry inclusive of management, bookings, branding, pre-production of photo shoots, working on set and photography post-production. Interns primarily work as an assistant to Brett Gilmour and they also assist in all aspects involved within the studio including the tasks mentioned above as well as basic office tasks such as filing, phones, and scheduling. Potential Interns with graphic design abilities will be given first consideration for internships.

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Sales and Marketing Assistant

Brett Gilmour Photography is hiring an enthusiastic, experienced and committed individual to join our commercial photography studio. The successful candidate must have previously earned a minimum of $40k in a sales and marketing role, sold to business owners and executives in the medium to large business space and have 1-2 years of professional office experience. Familiarity with commercial photography, graphic arts, marketing and sales are highly desirable.

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